No Time To Choose
Prequel to the House of the Setting Sun Series



Chapter Four: A Mixture of Dark...and More Dark!

Buffy's lips buzzed at the contact with Faith's. She could smell the scent of her, tangy deodorant mixed with salty sweat from their fight. She inhaled deeply through her nose; God she smelled good. It was totally different from Spike, but then Spike was a vampire and they had a smell of their own anyway, her mind babbled as her arms snaked across Faith's back without her realizing. Riley wasn't a vampire though and even fresh from the shower the scent of him had never . . . done . . . this . . . to . . . Her mind was trying to scream something at her now but the way Faith's tongue was sliding across her lips was ruining her concentration. She started to open her mouth more so she could feel Faith's tongue inside it, when sanity chain-sawed through her desire to point out a couple of things. Spike, Riley, Faith - spot the difference?

Buffy's eyes snapped open and the moan of pleasure issuing from deep in her throat turned to one of confusion. She pulled her mouth away more roughly than she'd meant to and struggled to sit up.

Faith hadn't been privy to the conversation going on inside Buffy's brain and pulled back with a cross moan. "What's up B?"

"What's up? We shouldn't be doing this, that's what. Let me up please." Buffy pushed her gently backwards.

"Why shouldn't we?" Faith smiled hungrily at Buffy and didn't move back very far. Buffy gulped, she'd feel much more comfortable when she was stood up she decided.

Buffy pointed a finger at Faith, "You girl," then at herself, "me girl. I prefer to mix and match, you know what I mean." Buffy tried to stand up but Faith was still leaning over her.

Grinning, Faith pressed her index finger to her chest, "Me girl," then she pressed it to Buffy's chest and trailed it down towards her stomach, making Buffy gasp and flinch back. "You girl. I'd say we match pretty well," she drawled.

"Yeah, I was thinking more of the mixing bit, like you know, two ingredients mixing together. You need eggs and flour to make a cake, not eggs and more eggs." Buffy knew her voice was an octave higher than it should normally be and cleared her throat.

"Well B," Faith dropped her voice to a husky purr. "I wasn't really thinking about baking just then, I was gonna leave the hungry till later." As she smiled, her tongue slipped along her bottom lip.

"Sorry Faith, you've got the wrong girl." Her heart was hammering beneath her ribs. She scooted backwards until she was clear of the other woman and then bounced to her feet. "Try upstairs, bedroom to your left, you might have more luck with what you want there."

Faith jumped up with her, keeping close. She wasn't sure if this was just a game or if she really did want Buffy, but either way she was enjoying this way too much to let it drop. "But what I want isn't upstairs, it's down here." Her voice was still low, barely more than a murmur. Buffy felt her ears straining to catch it.

"Never gonna happen. I'm straight, in case you've forgotten." Buffy hated herself for backing away towards the wall, but she needed to keep some space between them and couldn't seem to make her feet stride purposefully to the stairs, which is what she was commanding them to do, oh yes in a very officially commanding voice too. It wasn't her fault they were naughty feet.

"So take an hour off, you can go back to being straight as a die Buffy later. For now - let's pretend I'm corrupting you." Faith raised her eyebrows suggestively

"You are!" Buffy squeaked as her feet kicked back against the skirting. "Oh Shi-!"

Faith pushed her body against the other Slayer, forcing her back into the wall. Her lips found Buffy's again and she kissed her fervently, feeling the heat rush through her body.

Buffy remained rigid for a moment but then the intensity overrode her senses and her mouth yielded to Faith's will. Their eyes closed as their tongues wrestled. Faith kept her counterparts arms firmly pinned to the wall above her head and this time the blonde didn't struggle to free them. She moved her leg so that her thigh rested between Buffy's. For a second Buffy tensed but then Faith felt Buffy's hips push forward and she knew she'd won.

Buffy's mind was reeling. Ten minutes ago she'd been tearing Faith off a strip for all the wrongs she done, wishing she wasn't here, whether back in jail or back with Angel she didn't care as long as the angry, fiery, sexy, unpredictable Slayer wasn't back in her life making her job harder. Then the conversation went all kablooey on her and now they were kissing. And Buffy couldn't help thinking that this felt right. No, not right, she corrected herself even in the heat of the moment. Just good, very . . . oh . . . oooh . . . very good! She felt her pulsepoints fizzle and she involuntarily pushed harder against Faith's raised thigh.

"Yeah, that's it B," Faith murmured softly into her mouth. She let go of Buffy's wrists and trailed her hands down her arms, then down her sides until they rested on her hips, trying to pull her closer into her body.

Buffy's brain had shut down its complaints department and was running purely on sensation now. She started to wrap her arms around Faith's neck and tilted her head so she could deepen the kiss. Then all of a sudden, empty space, empty air. Buffy was aware of blurred movement through her half closed, lust-dusted eyes and her body felt cold where Faith's heat had just been. Her lips kissed fresh air and she let out an exasperated moan.

"Hey, what the . . .?" She heard Faith's shout and the situation snapped into focus.

She saw Faith sprawled on Spike's cot and the vampire himself stood over her.

"SPIKE!" She shouted

Spike turned to her. Buffy's breath caught in her throat when she realized the vampire was indeed vamped. No chip, her mind burbled, lets hope the soul's working. His yellow eyes glowered at her menacingly. Faith made to climb off the bunk and Spike turned back to her with viper strike speed.

"Stay there," he growled.

"Spike, it's okay." Buffy said to calm him down.

"Yeah Spikey, you didn't have to launch me across the room, a simple 'excuse me' woulda done, y'know," Faith drawled.

"What happened?" Buffy asked. "I didn't expect you back for hours yet."

"Evidently," Spike growled. With another snarl aimed at Faith he stalked towards Buffy. His features morphing to human as he came closer.

"Are you okay?" he asked gently

Buffy's anger surfaced now that he had calmed down. "Yes, I'm fine," she snapped, "Well, maybe not fine. Faith kissage is not exactly my idea of a party, but I could have handled it myself." She felt mortified that Spike had caught her in such a compromising position.

"Bet you had a party inside your pants," Faith sneered, hurt more than she wanted to admit by Buffy's comment.

"Will you shut up?" Spike told Faith, before addressing Buffy again. "You didn't look okay, you looked like you were struggling for breath. How could you let that Slayer-slut be all over you like that? Was it just another stop on your journey through the dark side?" he taunted.

Faith chuckled. She was still spread out on the cot, but she had pulled herself up against the wall to get a better view of the show.

Buffy squared up to Spike. "What exactly has it got to do with you, who I kiss?"

"Well pet, I didn't know you were kissing her to start with, did I? I thought she was attacking you. I've heard all these stories about how evil she is. I thought you needed my help, so I helped."

"No you didn't," Buffy started to pace around him. "You saw me with someone else and you didn't like it. So instead of dealing with it like a man, you dealt with it like a vampire and threw Faith into a wall."

"Oh calm down Slayer, she's alive, ent she?"

"Unlike you," Faith shot back.

"Shut up Faith, I'll deal with you later," Buffy warned.

"I'll look forward to it, B." Faith smiled suggestively, her tongue darting along her lower lip.

Buffy stared, captivated, her mind going blank. What was it about that gesture? Then she shook her head vigorously. "So not going to happen, so you might as well go upstairs," she countered. Please go upstairs Faith, she thought, hoping that Faith really could read her mind this time.

"What, and let Blondie here have all the fun?" Faith settled back and lit another one of Spike's cigarettes. She had caught the flash of desire in Buffy's eyes and while she wasn't sure what it might mean it caused a little bubble of excitement to explode inside her, and she wasn't ready to give up on it yet.

Spike shuffled his feet, aware he had just missed something and annoyed about it. He tried to make his ex-lover realize how serious this was. "I don't get it, Buffy. You always told me she was deranged, a monster. And . . . and . . . she's obviously just using you because she was horny. How could you let that . . . that . . . horny monster kiss you, Buffy?"

Faith burst out laughing and nearly rolled off the cot. Buffy's lips twitched a bit but she was determined to hold on to her annoyance. Although seeing Spike's indignation at the other Slayers amusement, made it very difficult not to join in.

She looked at him pointedly. "Well, one is pretty much like another, wouldn't you say Spike?"

"That's not fair. I love you, this ho just wanted to get one over on you," Spike insisted.

"Spike, argh, you don't love me . . . You shouldn't love me," she amended before he could interrupt. "And even if you do - guess what? I don't care. I'm sick of hearing about it. Anything that was between us isn't there any more. You killed it."

"You don't mean that," Spike whined.

"Oh my God. Now you sound just like her." She pointed angrily at Faith who gave her a little wave. "Why doesn't anybody believe a word I say anymore?"

"Okay, tell me: when she was kissing you, you didn't wish it was me?" Spike insisted, trying a different tack.

Buffy shook her head in amazement and gave an exaggerated sigh. "Okay Spike, I've tried nice, now you're gonna get it from the hip. Kissing Faith repulsed me. I can't believe I let her get away with it . . ."

"Hey!" Faith snapped. Buffy held up her hand for silence. Spike beamed.

". . . if she tries it again I will so kick her ass, but, if I had to choose either of you to get smoochy with . . . Well pucker up Faith, cos Spike? It would be her every time."

Chapter Five

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