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Never Asked To Feel Your Halo

Chapter Thirty-Six:

As much as she just wanted to hide, Quinn sat at her usual lunch table because the appearance of normalcy was now more important than ever. Puck leered at her, which she ignored. Finn looked annoyed with her, even after she'd given him a kiss hello, so she ignored him too.

Brittany asked, "So what was it like?"

Quinn rolled her eyes and took a bite of her leafy, dressing-free salad.

Santana wasn't there yet, thank you God, and none of the other jocks or Cheerios at the table paid her any more attention than usual. With any luck this rumor was still confined to Glee Club.

"Quinn? What was it like?" Brittany asked again. "Does she kiss like a boy or a girl or . . . I suppose if you're both at the same time you can choose which one you want to kiss like. So which was it?"

"It never happened, Britt. So I wouldn't know."

Her friend was confused. "Then why did you tell everyone that it did?"

"I didn't! I don't know who started the rumor."

Except it was clearly Santana, but maybe not calling her out on it would take some of her enjoyment away.

"But you did." Now Brittany was really confused. "I got your text after gym."

This didn't sound good. "What text?"

"The text we received in Wood-shop," Puck said, he was still leering.

"But I didn't . . ."

"This isn't cool, Quinn," Finn suddenly erupted. "Lying about her like that. I kinda hoped that you wanted to talk about her yesterday because you were going to give her a chance. If I'd known you were just going to use what I said to hurt her some more I wouldn't have told you anything."

"You wanted to talk about Berry, huh?" Seriously, if she wasn't using so much energy to keep her own face neutral she'd be wiping that disgusting leer from Puck's. "Are you sure it was all one-sided?"

"There was nothing to be one-sided and I didn't send any of you a text. I've been hurling in the nurses office for the last hour, the last thing I was thinking about was how to start malicious rumors about Stubbles!"

"Was it stubbly?" Brittany asked.

"Yes you did!" Finn angrily thrust his phone in her face.

She took it and read the message. OMG! I've tried to be a good Christian about this but I can't keep it to myself any longer, it's way too juicy. RuPaul tried to kiss me in the girls bathroom at lunch yesterday! Like she was literally all over me! I knew she had a massive crush on me but, guys, it was hilarious. She wanted me so bad it was like nothing was going to stop her. I only just got away! lol.

The noise in the cafeteria dulled, like there was something fuzzy in her ears and the red and white uniforms around her were suddenly too bright, too sharply in focus. She was going to be sick.

"I didn't send this."

"Of course you did," Finn snapped.

Her head shook, so did her hands and her bottom lip. "I didn't."

"But it came from your phone, Q," Brittany said.

"No it didn't." She scrolled down to the message ID anyway and there was her name and number along with the time the text had been sent.

"Give me your phone," she demanded of Brittany.

As soon as it was handed over Quinn found the same message. Her details were at the bottom of that one too. She handed it back with fumbly hands as Puck slid his across the table to her. Same message and same details.

Someone definitely not her had sent a mass text a few minutes after fourth period had started. She'd been hiding in the bathroom at the back of the girl's locker room then, waiting for the other girls to leave so she could sneak back out and meet Rachel.

She hadn't taken her bag into the bathroom with her, it would have been suspicious. She'd left it on her usual bench in front of her locker. Her locker that was next to Santana's locker. Which would have been right behind her unattended bag.

She could hear the sneering in her mind, Payback's a bitch, Fabray!

It was.

"I have to go. This is grossing out my baby."

Leaving her barely touched salad on the table, she stood and walked away. Before she was out of earshot she heard Brittany complain:

"She still didn't tell me what it was like to kiss Rachel Manhands!"

Rachel ate alone, as was customary, in a far corner of the cafeteria. Although it would have felt even more like she was leading him on (like a blind idiot) she'd kind of hoped Mike would come and sit with her, but she knew he secretly went to Chess Club on Wednesday lunch times because she'd seen him the few times she'd attended.

She was halfway through her three bean salad which only seemed to contain one kind of bean when the rest of Team-Berry descended on her.

She covered her groan with a mouthful of red cabbage and then said to their eager faces, "It never happened!"

"Yeah, right," Mercedes started them off.

"It d-d-doesn't really come as a surprise, R-Rachel."

"If anything I'm just mildly put out that you chose to hide this from me when you of all people are always so insistent about me embracing my pride. Can you say 'Hypocritical'?"

"I'm not hiding anything from you because nothing happened between Quinn and I." He had a point though and she didn't want to be a hypocrite, she deplored hypocrites. "But, okay, yes, there's a possibility I may be bisexual but that has nothing to do with Quinn."

The blunt personal revelation made the other four sit back and appraise her for a moment but this was a meeting of the bottom rung of Glee kids so the moment didn't last long.

"So you weren't all over Quinn in the bathroom yesterday?" Artie sounded disappointed.


"And you didn't try and kiss her or anything?" Mercedes checked.


It was true; she hadn't been all over Quinn in the bathroom yesterday and she hadn't tried to kiss Quinn yesterday at least not in the bathroom.

"This is all just another attack by Team-Fabray. I'm pretty sure Santana is behind it. Now if we . . ."

Tina shook her head. "Quinn sent the t-t-text."

"What? No, that's not possible. Why would she willingly put herself in a position that's open to such speculation?" Rachel asked (mostly herself).

"It's true. Here look." Artie handed her his cellular phone.

"We all received the same text," Kurt said.

The top of the text read: From Quinn F. and it was followed by lies.

OMG! I've tried to be a good Christian about this but I can't keep this to myself any longer, it's way too juicy. RuPaul tried to kiss me in the girls bathroom at lunch yesterday! Like she was literally all over me! I knew she had a massive crush on me but, guys, it was hilarious. She wanted me so bad it was like nothing was going to stop her. I only just got away! lol.

She couldn't very well insist that Quinn hadn't sent it now, because they'd want to know how she was so sure. Besides a quick check of the time-stamp proved that Quinn could have sent it. It had been received in that ten minute window that Rachel was waiting alone behind the workshop.

Why would she do that, though. It made no sense. Quinn had been even more freaked out about it all than she had, and Quinn had nothing to gain by alluding to something between them . . . but everything to lose.

Quinn hadn't sent this, Rachel was sure of it (ninety-five percent sure at least) but she had no choice but to appear outraged.

"I can't believe she'd stoop so low as to make something like this up!"

"Why not?" Artie asked with a shrug.

"It is k-k-kinda true to form."

"But why this?"

"Rachel, think," Kurt said. "Is there any reason why Quinn might think you have a crush on her?"

"Are you asking because you have a valid hypothesis or because you're trying to find out if I have a crush on her?"

"Honestly? Both."

"Then the answer is no, I can't think of any reason why Quinn might think that because I don't. Now what was your point?"

"Okay, it was just the second one."

"Look, whether it's true or not, she's still turned this really personal," Mercedes began, "And the way I see it, the only way to fight fire is with fire."

Rachel knew exactly what she was suggesting but she actually believed a complete U-turn in attitudes would be more beneficial for them. If they stopped attacking Team-Fabray and instead showed them nothing but kindness it would completely disarm them and allow Team-Berry to take back the upper hand. It would also hopefully go a long way in settling the dispute once and for all. She'd have to brainstorm it with Quinn on Facebook later but for now she could just set the ball rolling.

"Actually, the best way to fight fire is with water, Mercedes . . ."

"Powder too, sometimes," Artie put in.

"I once smothered a g-grease fire with a d-d-damp cloth."

"Exactly!" Although Rachel felt her point had been lost a little along the way. "The best way to beat Quinn is to either smother or douse her."

"What with?" Mercedes grinned playfully. "Your kisses?"

"It would certainly have the effect of a cold shower on me," Kurt cut his eyes to the side with a horrified shake of his head, but almost immediately gave her a small smile.

Was this it? Were they actually thawing to her? Willingly sitting with her at lunch? Check. Showing an interest in her life? Check. Friendly banter? Check.

This was such a ground-breaking event that she decided not to taint the moment by admonishing Mercedes and got straight back to business.

"Yes, exactly. We should do something like that."

"Seriously," Mercedes frowned. "I was joking."

"It's the only way to combat such an attack," she insisted, although she had to admit that it was more compelling to think up ways to smother Santana with something heavier than kindness. "They won't know what hit them."

"I think we're back to fighting fire with fire," Artie said uncertainly.

"Nonsense. From now on, if they say or do something mean to us, we'll just turn around with open arms."

"Whatever." Mercedes was still looking wary, but that was understandable. It would be hard to turn the other cheek but it was the right way to go.

"Anyway, Artie, Mercedes, are you ready? We have somewhere to be."

They were going? Oh well, they'd sat with her for half of lunch and that was half a lunch more than usual.

She turned to engage Tina in conversation, but the Goth girl was already standing quickly to leave with the others.

Oh. She gave them all a bright smile anyway. "Goodbye. See you in Glee."

"Aren't you going to wish us luck?" Artie asked as Tina took the handles of his chair.

Why would she do that? But she didn't want to be rude. "Oh, of course. Good luck."

As they left she saw Tina lean slightly over the back of Artie's wheelchair and just caught the whispered, "We d-d-don't all have to kiss Quinn, d-do we?"

Despite leaning towards them, she missed Artie's reply and could only frown.

What the heck? Tina had better not kiss Quinn!

Quinn did actually spend the rest of the lunch period in the bathroom and she had no idea how three bites of salad could produce so much . . . well, you know. She knew it was unlikely and also stupid, because it was . . . stupid, but she really wished Rachel had come to find her.

Whether it was psychological or physical it was still fact that Rachel made her feel better when she was sick to her stomach. It was a bizarre contrast to just over a month ago when it was being near Rachel that made her feel that way.

A lot had happened in the last month. She no longer felt like she was in love with her boyfriend. Her baby now had fingers and thumbs. And she'd kissed Rachel Berry, like three times. Yeah, a lot had happened.

But now wasn't the time to be thinking about that, because now after two classes she'd barely been coherent in, she had to go to Glee club.

She waited for a few minutes by her locker for Finn. They always walked in together, but he didn't show up. She tried not to be hurt, because although she hadn't done the thing he was so angry about she still didn't really have the right.

She hung around long enough to see Rachel visit her locker and was struck by the idiotic notion to join her and see if she wanted to walk to Glee with her instead. The other girl didn't even acknowledge her as she slowly approached. Insane ideas about insisting on her attention plagued Quinn, only to dissolve before any harm was done when Kurt and Tina arrived.

Something angry clenched inside her when Rachel cheerfully engaged with them. They weren't even her friends but Rachel got to talk with them and laugh with them like it was nothing!

She heard Kurt mutter, "Go on, now's your chance."

And Rachel's, "What?"

Tina said, "D-dare you!" and then laughed.

And again Rachel said, "What?"

Quinn stalked past, not sparing any of them a glance even though they were about to head the same way.

Stepping into the Choir room she set eyes on Santana for the first time since the mass text had been sent. She denied her face the right to scowl as she walked up and took the seat immediately to her friend's left.

She looked up, smirking, "Hey, Q."


"Having a good day?"

"Sure," she said through gritted teeth. "You?"

"Oh, I'm having the best ever. That text you sent earlier really cheered me up."

"Uh huh."

"That's all you've got to say about it?"

"What else is there to say? I told you to spread a rumor, you spread one."

Santana sat forward in her chair so she could catch her eye. "Seriously, that's it?"

"I'd have preferred a little heads up. I made a fool of myself at lunch denying it. But whatever, the end result is what matters."

"Ummm, okay." Santana sat back, thrown by her reaction and Quinn smiled.

It dropped the moment Rachel walked in flanked by her 'friends'. She didn't let her eyes follow but she was aware of Rachel heading up to take a seat at the back. That was clever. If Rachel had taken her usual seat they'd be nearly side by side and how awkward would that be.

"Okay, then," Mr. Schuester suddenly clapped his hands together. "Let's get started. Who wants to go first?"

"Hang on, Mr Schue." Quinn tensed when Santana spoke up. "Before we continue I think there are a few issues that need addressing."

The teacher hesitated, "Like what?"

"Like, surely you've noticed it?" Santana strolled over to join him. "There's a rift in this club, a serious one, and until we fix it we have no hope of winning any competitions. And that's something I think we all really want to do, am I right?"

There was a general air of agreement and Santana nodded, so full of it. "So we need to get this stuff out in the open."

See, this was why it was sensible to be scared of Santana. That girl was way more like Coach Sylvester than Quinn was. She knew exactly how and when to go in for the kill and she never hesitated. Quinn could be mean and calculating and ruthless when needed but she just didn't have the same passion for trouble for trouble's sake as her so-called friend.

"What are you talking about, Santana?" Mr. Schuester wasn't happy about being interrupted for so long.

"The giant elephant in the room! Why do you think Berry's sat all up there like she's something special while Quinn's sitting here with her knees knocking together and her head down?"

"I don't know."

"Santana, please?" Quinn muttered, and she knew the girl heard her because her innocent smile grew wider.

"Then I guess I need to spell it out for you: Rachel Berry tried it on with our girl Quinn yesterday, Mr. Schue, and no, we're not talking how you'd think with daisy posies and batting eye lashes and way too many words to actually be a turn on. Nope, we're talking the hands-everywhere and practically trying to mount her in the girls bathroom kind and something needs to be done about it."

"That is not true!" Rachel's shout from behind coincided with her chair hitting the back wall. "I did no such thing!"

"But Quinn told us," Brittany said and she sounded sincere, but that didn't mean she was.

"Personally, I think she should be made to leave the club," Santana continued, "maybe even expelled from school, but I'll take whatever punishment you see fit, Mr. Schue."

She could hear Rachel's frantic breathing because everyone else was so damn quiet and attentive all of a sudden.

Mr. Schuester took a moment or two to look around at each of them and she didn't know what was on everyone else's faces but Quinn knew her expression had to be one of horror and she also knew he was going to take it the wrong way.

"Is this true, Quinn?"

She couldn't say no and she couldn't say yes. Her voice faltered several times as she spoke. "I-I think I'd rather not, you know, talk about it."

That had been the wrong thing to say!

"Maybe we should go to my office," Mr. Schue began.

"I knew it was true!" Puck crowed.

"Quinn . . .?" That was Rachel.

"I can't believe you lied to us about it," Kurt's chair scraped away from Rachel.

Mike sounded like a kicked puppy, "So it is true?"

"I have so many awesome visuals going through my head right now." That was Puck again.

"Explains a lot," she heard Matt mutter to Mike.

"Shut up!" Mike snapped back.

Soaking up everyone else's comments, Finn said, "You didn't Rach, did you? I mean you wouldn't do that, would you?"

"No! Quinn, this has gone beyond a joke! Come clean at once or I will!"

Quinn knew it wasn't even a threat, Rachel was just desperate to end this, just like she was. The fact that their mutual desperation was about to lead them down different paths was pretty much just inevitable given that they were them.

"Come clean about what, Berry?" Santana asked, loving the mayhem she had caused.

"Why are you such a bitch, Santana!"

Ooh, bad move! Although Quinn was surprised the words hadn't come from her own mouth. She couldn't find it in her to move but luckily Brittany grabbed Santana before she could jump the first two rows of chairs an easy feat for a Cheerio and tear Rachel down to the ground.

Santana struggled violently and yelled for Berry's blood and it was suddenly like all of hell breaking loose with everyone standing and shouting as the weeks of frustration and in-fighting found an outlet.

"You guys need to step off," Mercedes snapped, "It's one thing to be assholes, but you took it too far this time!"

"We didn't start this," Matt snapped back. "You did when you took her side. I thought you liked me!"

"And I thought you liked me until you started throwing slushies in my friend's faces."

Meanwhile Artie was trying to reach Puck, who was making disgusting remarks about how he didn't mind Berry working her way through the female Gleek's at all.

"Let me at him!"

Tina was hanging onto his wheelchair handles. "No, he'll cream you! And I never did that with Rachel anyway!"

It was funny how she never stuttered when she was concentrating on something else.

"Thank Goodness someone finally has a leash on Santana. It's just a pity they don't have a muzzle too."

"You're next, Elton!" Santana yelled. "Soon as Stubbles is pulp I'm coming after you!"

"Don't say that stuff about her!" Finn pushed Puck.

"Yeah!" Mike joined in, before doing a double take and pushing Finn. "Back off, she's my girlfriend!"

Quinn had to leap out of her chair before she was mowed down by someone and somehow found herself side by side with Rachel in the maelstrom.

"You're his girlfriend now?" she muttered.

"Quinn, please focus enough to help me put an end to this?"


Mr. Schuester suddenly let out a piercing whistle right behind them, which stopped all of the shouting but inadvertently drew everyone's attention to them standing together.

"So let's just cut the chase here," Puck began. "Is it true or not?"

"Is what true?" Rachel asked.

"Did you two do the nasty in the bathroom yesterday?"

"No!" they both shouted.

"But you were all over her, right?" Santana asked sweetly. "I mean, why else would you have been in a locked bathroom together for so long?"


"Well, the only other explanation is that Quinn was all over you. That's not true is it, Quinn?"

"Of course it isn't!"

"Well, something is going on here," Santana said.

"I gotta agree," Puck said, just for the fun of it.

"Yeah." Artie looked thoughtful. "And you did say you wanted to smother her with kisses earlier."

"What?" Quinn didn't know who to direct her anger towards. Team-Berry who didn't know how to stand by their captain or Rachel for saying such a thing.

"I did not!"

Artie looked guilty. "Maybe I misheard."

"No we all heard it," Kurt said.

"Did you actually say you wanted to kiss me?" There was an edge to her voice now.

"No! My . . . my comment is being relayed out of context and they all know that I didn't mean it in a literal sense!"

"But you said it?" she demanded.

Rachel looked at her, begging for leniency, but with everyone scrutinizing her puppy dog eyes and Quinn's reaction, she couldn't go easy on her. She didn't even want to right now; she was too angry at being put in this position.

"I may have made some comment about returning your cruelty with kindness but I never literally said I was going to smother you with kisses! Mercedes!"

"Sounded pretty literal to me! And what do we really have to go on? All I know is that you've been lying to us about Quinn for weeks. Why should we believe you this time?"

Rachel's face fell. "I thought we were friends."

"That's because you're stupid!" Quinn snapped, because she'd warned her about trusting them and now look where they were.

"And your friends are so great," Rachel snapped right back. "It's your friend that is spreading lies about me."

"Yeah, except they're not lies," Santana defended herself, straight-faced. "Seriously, I agree that Quinn's half to blame. If it was my spanks you wanted to get into I wouldn't let you within half a mile of me. She should have known nothing good would come from using your little crush to her own advantage. I told her this morning it was only a matter of time before you tried forcing your way between her legs. Guess I was too late."

Quinn's stomach dropped for so many reasons.

"What? I don't understand. Why would . . .?"

When those hurt brown eyes bored into her own it was all Quinn could do to keep her head up and her face dispassionate.

"You were just using me . . . again?"

How could she think that? More importantly, how could she be so stupid as to ask now? Her question had been blurted, accidentally, and was asked to Quinn alone, but they weren't alone.

The situation suddenly hit her too hard. Rachel had just backed her into a corner and everyone was waiting for her response and when it came it was passive but so obviously derisive.

"What do you think?"

If Rachel had just taken a second to read between the lines, to realize that she'd left Quinn no choice, but her anger was returning, hotter than before.

"This is outrageous! I just wanted to try and be Quinn's friend, because goodness knows the friends she already has are horrible, and I thought it was something we were becoming. Clearly I was mistaken and I now understand Quinn has the friends she has because they are all she deserves!"

"Watch your mouth, Manhands! Don't think you know me at all."

"I do know you! Better than anyone here, in fact. Even better than your boyfriend!"

"Whu . . . I . . ." Quinn spluttered, because hello? Was Rachel trying to get her publicly hanged? It was her own fault for giving enough rope, but she'd really thought Rachel was different, someone she could trust. But now that she knew different: "You're delusional! You think me letting you hold my hair back a couple of times while I barf gives you any kind of insight into me or my life?"

"I think you crying in my arms gives me a little insight into you!"

"Oh, my God, you really are crazy," she scoffed, rolling her eyes as if nobody should believe anything that was coming out of Rachel's mouth. Cutting her eyes to the group she made sure to catch Mercedes', because she obviously already believed the girl was a born liar. "That never happened, by the way. She walked in on me crying in the bathroom one day and wouldn't get the hell out when I told her to but that's as far as it went."

"And how far did it go yesterday?" Puck leered.

"Would you really like to know how far it went?" Rachel began, and her fury was starting to scare Quinn.

Angry people lost control and forgot what it was that they were weren't supposed to say.

So she spoke over her. "You know exactly how far it went. You all got my text, didn't you?"

"You did send that?" Rachel looked like she was about to cry with a mix of pain and rage.

"What, Berry? Did you think one of your garden gnome friends snuck into my bag and sent it instead?"

She waited for the lightening bolt to strike her down, when it didn't she caught Santana's satisfied smirk.

"For anyone who doesn't remember," the bitch began, seeming to pull her cell phone from nowhere. "OMG! I've tried to be a good Christian about this seriously Q? but I can't keep this to myself any longer, it's way too juicy. RuPaul tried to kiss me in the girls bathroom at lunch yesterday! Like she was literally all over me!" Santana didn't even wait for anyone to digest it before cocking her eyebrow at Rachel. "Are you denying that happened?"


"So you're calling Quinn a liar?"


"And you expect us to believe you?" Kurt asked in a horribly smug way that made Quinn want to punch him even though he was backing her up. "Of course I expect you to believe me! Why would I ever want to kiss her?"

"Duh, because you have a big-ass crush on her!" Santana said. "It's been obvious forever! Besides, Quinn told me this morning how you've been hanging around her for weeks like a love-sick mutt."

"Why would you say that?"

All Quinn did was shrug but it spoke volumes, especially to Rachel.

Rachel actually stamped her foot hard into the floor. "I did not throw myself at Quinn yesterday!"

"Yeah right," Puck laughed.

"The evidence is kind of stacking against you," Artie agreed.

"I didn't!" The shrill note of Rachel's voice made it clear she was near the edge. Her next words proved she'd just fallen off of it and was determined to take Quinn to rock-bottom with her. "Quinn was all over me yesterday! I tried to escape but she locked the bathroom door and then tried to kiss me!"

Quinn's head filled with a buzzing white noise but she just about managed to scoff and form the words. "Like anyone would believe that."

"Which one of us has a master key that can lock all of the bathrooms, Quinn?" Rachel didn't even look sorry.

Had she looked sorry when she'd thrown Rachel to these wolves a minute ago? Probably not. Did she look sorry even now?

"Okay, fine, if you want me tell everyone exactly what you did." She turned back to the group and took a breath to steel herself. "I locked the door because I was about to throw up. Yes I'm pregnant and yes morning sickness really sucks! Okay? I was on my knees in a stall when Stubbles jumped me. Clearly the taste of vomit turns her on because her tongue was in my mouth before I could stop gagging enough to shove her off of me. That's it, the end."

A stunned silence followed, broken a minute later by Mike pushing chairs aside as he left his seat at the top of risers.

"I don't know who to believe anymore, but I've heard enough to know it's not worth it."

"Mike, it's not what you think," Rachel tried, and Quinn wanted to throw up at the way she was looking at him, so guilty and unhappy and wounded all at once.

She reached beseechingly for his arm but he pulled it out of reach as he whirled to face her. "Forget it. Everyone warned me; you're not to blame that I didn't listen."

With that, he pushed through the door and disappeared into the halls.

Finn was next. "I can't believe you'd do that to me, Rachel! I thought we were friends. How could you try it on with my girlfriend like that, behind my back and everything?"

Quinn had never wanted him to stand up for her less. Not that he was really standing up for her. He seemed more upset that Rachel had betrayed him than that she had allegedly been molested.

"Finn, I . . ."

There were tears in Rachel's eyes and Quinn knew there was no way she was going to deny it now because even though what he thought had happened hadn't, she had kissed his girlfriend and she wouldn't lie to her best friend. Quinn was home-free and it felt terrible.

"I'm so sorry," was all Rachel could finish with. "But it's really not what you think . . ."

"I think it's time we stop worrying about what Rachel thinks," Santana began. "And start talking about consequences. Mr. Schue, you can't let her make Quinn a victim like this. You have to do something."

To anyone with half a brain, so only Quinn and Rachel at this juncture, it was clear that Rachel was the only victim here, but Quinn didn't say that. How could she now? Mr. Schuester came out of his stunned trance and nodded.

"Yeah . . . Yes! This is obviously a situation." Obviously. It was also obvious he had no clue what to do about it. "I think perhaps, Rachel, it would be best if . . ."

"You believe them too! You're a teacher! Can't you see psychological bullying when it's happening right in front of you?"

"I, uh . . . look, calm down, Rachel. Shouting isn't going to . . ."

"Fine! Just fine! If you all want to believe Quinn's lies, go ahead. Goodness knows no one ever listens to my side of the story anyway, but you can't kick me out of Glee. You know you're nothing without me, that's why Quinn took me on a date to convince me to come back the last time I left. And yes, you all heard that correctly. So hate me all you want, but I'm staying."

To prove her point Rachel sank down in one of the chairs in front and resolutely crossed her arms.

"Feel free to quit the club if you don't feel safe around me, Quinn, you'll be much more easily replaced after all, but you're not running me out."

Quinn bristled at the insult and, what the hell, she didn't want to spend one more second around Rachel anyway.

"Yeah, okay. I don't feel safe knowing that your bug eyes are on my ass all the time, so I do quit. Good luck being allowed to perform at Sectionals with only eleven members."

"Now I know what it feels like to hate you, Quinn!"

She knew the girl wasn't acting, but she was as she shot back,

"Feeling's mutual, Treasure Trail, and stay the hell away from me in the future or I'll get a freaking restraining order on you. Are we clear?"

"Oh, we're crystal clear."


She stormed from the room without a backwards glance, shoving through the door in the same manner as Mike. She figured their moods had a lot in common right now, thanks to Rachel-freaking-Berry.

Chapter Thirty-Seven

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