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Damned If I Don't, Damned If I Do
Part Three of The Damned Series



Part Two

On a slope overlooking the cabin, two four-legged figures stood up to the fetlock in snow. The smaller of the two glanced to the side as a young slayer walked past, eyes alertly scanning the white landscape for any intruders. She didn't notice them and he paid her no more attention.

"Why are you still a goat?"

The direct question didn't faze him. "Chewing through the Slayer's ropes triggered some clause or other so I came back as one, didn't I. Then the wedding was a non-starter or a non-finisher anyway . . . Gotta spend another hundred years as a goat now." He spat some cud to the ground and it melted into the snow. "Troy's such an ass!"

Eostre brayed loudly.

Mapanos looked up at her. "Sorry, no offense. Should have added a 'hole' to the end of that." He gestured his stubby horns in the direction of the cabin. Buffy and Faith could be seen moving around in the light beyond the window. "So, you think they got a shot now or what?"

"A destiny is now theirs to make. Their shot will depend on how high and how far they choose to shoot."

Mapanos chewed on his lunch, regarding her with exasperation. "Why do you talk like that? We grew up together, we do the same job, so why do you always have to talk like an over-educated fortune cookie and make me feel like an idiot?"

Eostre sniffed like a stuck-up ass and walked steadily away from the cabin. "I have a nativity play to get to."

"See ya." Mapanos barely spared her retreating form a glance as he watched the slayers' silhouettes moving beyond the window. "Probably soon as that kid pops out," he added with a goaty sigh.

Part Three

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