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Damned If I Don't, Damned If I Do
Part Three of The Damned Series


PART SIX: 11th April 2004

Chapter Four: Breathe In And Get a Bit Higher

For fifteen minutes Buffy stared at Faith as the other slayer stared back at her. Neither of them had spoken since they had landed on their asses six foot from each other and the cavern was filled with the sounds of heavy breathing and the strangely melodic waterfalls.

Every time Buffy went to say something, she bit her tongue. Talking dirty to Faith wasn't going to help matters at all. So she struggled silently as she watched Faith do the same and tried to figure out what was going on.

What was going on was that she wanted Faith bad, like really bad, a lot badder than usual. She knew that it wasn't right, she wasn't a free agent anymore, she had a girlfriend. Speaking of which, if Toni knew she was even trapped in this big cave with Faith, she would freak, if she somehow caught wind of any of the thoughts currently running through Buffy's mind that would be the end of them for sure.

Although, this wasn't that far out of left field for Buffy - the sudden overwhelming attraction she was feeling would have been just another day for her not many months ago. And she'd never tried to convince herself she was over Faith, only Toni. Buffy knew how she still felt, it was just that recently she'd been able to put it to the back of her mind and enjoy spending time with Toni without constantly wishing she was with Faith instead. She'd thought that was proof that she was finally getting over her crush on the other slayer, but it could just have been an out of sight, out of mind kind of thing.

So wanting to rip Faith's clothes off with her teeth wasn't that big a deal providing she didn't actually follow through on it. Faith wanting to return the favor was a little more surprising. Wasn't she supposed to be not interested any more? Shouldn't she have been pushing Buffy away long before she actually did push Buffy away?

Because she hadn't, had she? She'd been just as into whatever it was that was going on as Buffy had been. And she'd been acting weird ever since Buffy had regained consciousness. It wasn't that she hadn't been herself; it was more that she had been a different Faith to the one Buffy had been getting used to over the past couple of months. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but it was a Faith that scared as well as excited Buffy.

"What's going on?" Buffy finally asked as the silence began getting to her. She didn't feel any less aroused; in fact any second now she was going to start crawling over to Faith in what would probably be an extremely provocative way. She flopped onto her back instead so that she couldn't see her.

"Beats me, but whatever it is I've been feeling it for a while so you probably have too. I'm impressed it took so long for you to jump me," Faith joked. "Although seeing as you were groping me the second you woke up, maybe I shouldn't be so impressed, huh?"

Buffy lifted her head from the stone to retort but it died in her throat, Faith was crawling towards her on her hands and knees... provocatively. "Um Faith, probably better if you stay over there."

"Do you want me to?"

"Yes," she lied. God, she couldn't stay this horny for much longer without breaking something internal, she trailed her hand softly up and down her stomach wishing she could do something about the throbbing in her pants herself. "We have to figure out what's causing this."

Faith stopped where she was and hung her head. "You're right, but I'm having a little trouble concentrating here." She looked up again. "Jeez, B, stop that!"

"Wha...oh shit." Buffy dragged her hand away from groping her own breast. 'Jeez hand, what is with you today?' she scolded herself.

"Okay," Faith got slowly to her feet. "I'm gonna think of Troy and you're gonna think of Toni and we're going to stand on opposite sides of this thing and work this out."

"Good idea." Buffy stood up slowly, muttering, "Toni, Toni, Toni," under her breath.

Faith was already standing on the other side of the closest egg-laden dais.

"It has to be the demon doing this, right?" Faith started once Buffy was opposite her and out of reach. "I mean we don't normally wanna go at it like rabbits right outta the blue." Buffy gave her a doubtful look and Faith's lips twitched in a smile. "Well I can usually control myself when we do," she amended.

"So can I." It was Faith giving Buffy a doubtful look this time. "I can, you just got under my skin for a while."

"I'm out now?"

"Faith, focus." Buffy avoided the question. "Why would the demon make us want to have sex? What's in it for him?"

"I think you're overestimating the average demon's needs, B. He's probably just a perv who gets off on a little girl on girl action."

"Then why can't he just rent a video like the rest of us?" Faith's eyebrow's shot up almost to her hairline and Buffy's eyes went wide with alarm as she realized what she had just said. "No - I didn't mean that I...Faith that's not what I meant!"

"Hey, whatever chica, I'm not here to judge, whatever gets you through the night."


"So do you watch them with Toni, or are they more for after she's fallen asleep leaving you with that last itch to scratch?"


"Oh come on B, I'm just kidding around. I'm sure Toni's better than a rampant rabbit in the sack." Faith laughed.

"That's it!" Buffy slapped her hand onto the dais as she saw the connection.

"What you've been trying to come up with some way to describe her? Glad I could help." Faith, still chuckling, was leaning over with her elbows on the dais, showing a lot of cleavage poking out of her rumpled shirt.

Buffy shielded her eyes. "No you idiot, rampant rabbit, going at it like Bunnies - what do they have in common?"

"Sex?" Faith guessed.

"Yeah, what else?"

Faith didn't answer.

"Faith eyes up!"

Faith ran a hand through her hair and pushed herself back from the stone a little, taking off her jacket she dropped it the floor next to her. "Sorry," she stretched her arms a little, Buffy tried not to look at the way it emphasized her tits. "The demon, that's what they have in common, it's a giant energizer bunny!" realized Faith after thinking about it.

"Exactly." Buffy shed her jacket too; it felt good to get some air on her over-heated skin.

"So maybe this rabbit demon needs us to fuck to stay alive?" Faith licked her lips as she stared at Buffy's chest. "What should we do?"

'Finally a demon that has a useful purpose' Buffy thought. "We should kill it," she said out loud, stretching herself, ensuring Faith's eyes stayed on her.

"Yeah well I can't see it so it looks like that plan's on hold." Faith might have had a better chance at spotting the eight foot freak if she'd looked away from Buffy for a second.

Buffy didn't look around either, "Well we'll just have to keep this nice big stone...since when did egg cups start looking so erotic?" she groaned.

"Since the damn Easter Bunny sex-mojo-ed us," Faith replied grimly. "Did anyone ever mention to you that the Easter Bunny was real, by the way, 'cause I missed the memo?"

"No, but it makes sense." Buffy had her eyes closed now. Maybe if she couldn't see Faith she'd calm down a little.

"Really, on what planet?"

Buffy opened her eyes again, it was no use, Faith's voice was enough to make her weak in the knees anyway. "Well Santa Claus is real, why not the Easter Bunny?"

"Santa's real?" Faith did not look pleased by this information.

"So I heard."

"Well that's just fucking typical," Faith griped at her. "Any other bombshells you want to drop?"

"Hey don't shoot the messenger," Buffy warned. "Besides, most kids get pissed when they find out Santa doesn't exist, why do you always have to be different?"

"Well it wasn't a big deal when I thought my mom was just too drunk every year to fill my stocking, now I know the fat bastard's real and I still didn't get anything - I'm bummed out again."

"Faith I feel your pain, really." Actually she couldn't, because Buffy just couldn't imagine a Christmas morning with out a big pile of presents to open, but now wasn't the time to feel sorry for Faith's crappy childhood. "But we have more important things to deal with, like how the Easter Bunny can control our libidos, so could you please concentrate?"

"Yeah, sure, it's not like my feelings matter or anything, certainly wouldn't want them to get in the way of what Buffy wants to do."

Buffy looked at the other woman sharply, there was something about her tone that raised her guard. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." Faith answered sullenly.

"No F, come on tell me. Do you want to stop trying to figure out what's going on here so we can discuss your issues with Santa? And do you want to do it naked, because if we don't figure a way out of here very soon, we're going to be doing everything naked!" her voice rose until she almost shouted the last word.

"Wow," Faith smiled, taken aback by her outburst. "Do you know how sexy you look when you get all bitchy like that."

"That's sweet, but right now you'd think I was sexy even if I shaved my head, grew a moustache and covered myself in demon guts." Buffy tried to be reasonable while blushing at the compliment.

Faith just smiled at her, brief petulant spell over.

"So we can concentrate now?" Buffy asked, but then her own concentration was shot again by Faith doing something mildly obscene. "Stop rubbing against the erotic egg cup like that, you'll go blind!"

"Yeah well the frustration is going to make me go blind first, so it's a lose-lose situation, might as well at least get something out of it." Faith did stop though, to Buffy's relief.

"Looking at you isn't helping."

"Like I said, this body's rocking..." Faith started to run her hands down her body as she had before.

"Please don't," Buffy begged.

"Okay," Faith seemed to be getting an ounce of restraint back, "this isn't working, because looking at you is making me want to climb over this thing and... do stuff we shouldn't." Buffy nodded her agreement. "I'm getting in one of the pools to cool down."

"No!" Buffy moved around the dais to stop Faith. "You...wet...with pink bubbles...Don't do it to me, baby."

"Baby?" An eyebrow was raised in question as Faith glanced down at Buffy's hand gripping her upper arm.

"Sorry, forgot pet names were taboo." Buffy's hand was lingering on Faith's arm, she knew she should pull it away, but... instead she found herself stroking the firm bicep with her fingertips, the cotton of Faith's shirt doing nothing to take away the pleasure of this small, simple offense.

"Sounds kinda hot coming from you." Faith admitted, her eyes dark with desire.

"Yeah?" Her voice was small and breathy, quite unlike how she meant it to come out.

"Yeah." Faith murmured smiling, moving closer and dipping her head a little so that her chocolate-sweet breath came in shallow bursts across Buffy's lips.

"Okay." She pressed her lips briefly to Faith's smile, tasting the last traces of chocolate. "This is a really bad idea."

Faith's lips brushed hers again, "We should stand at opposite ends of the room, that way there won't be any accidental contact."

"What, like this?" Buffy let her hand slide from Faith's arm to the back of her neck, fingers lightly tickling over the smooth skin as she leaned up to kiss her again.

"Yeah, or this," Faith, always the bolder one, pushed her hands beneath Buffy's tank top, palms hot on her stomach. "Yeah 'cause that would be bad," Buffy agreed, pulling Faith down for another kiss during which she let herself get fully re-acquainted with the tongue she loved as hands slid up her stomach to her breasts. "Oh... yeah that's bad," she mumbled when their lips parted.

Faith grinned uncomfortably, "I have a feeling it's gonna get worse before it gets better."

Buffy grinned too, "That depends on your point of view." The grin slipped away as thumbs brushed over her nipples. "It's not cheating if the Easter Bunny made us do it, right?" she asked, hastily unbuttoning Faith's rumpled shirt.

"No," Faith agreed, "But I think we're better off not relying on that defense if we can help it." She wiggled her eyebrows a few times before bringing her lips back to Buffy's for a deep kiss that went straight to Buffy's groin, turning it to froth.

Faith dropped her arms to her sides as Buffy pushed the shirt from her shoulders so that it would fall away completely before sliding her hands around to Buffy's back to undo her bra. Buffy didn't have to worry about that, seeing as Faith wasn't wearing one, obviously she'd dressed in a hurry that morning. A small shiver of pleasure flowed through her as she remembered that Faith had been in a hurry to meet her that morning. Cupping breasts in her palms, Buffy moaned into the kiss at the feel of them, even better than her accidentally on purpose groping earlier.

As Buffy's bra became loose Faith pulled her mouth away just enough to whisper, "Jesus, I want you."

Buffy lifted her arms so her top could be pulled over her head and then she took care of the bra, letting it fall to their feet. Allowing herself to be pulled back into Faith's strong arms, the wetness in Buffy's panties doubled the first time Faith's bare tits brushed against her own.

"You're only saying that because the Easter Bunny told you to," she panted, her lips tugging upwards as her head fell back to let Faith suck at her throat. "Don't leave a hickey!" she warned, using up her last ounce of self-control.

The sucking grew less intense but no less delicious as it moved down her throat, over her collar bones to her chest, and Buffy had no qualms about encouraging it. The pleasure of Faith's soft, wet lips around her hard little nipple made her cry out softly. Faith kept up the torturous bliss for long enough for Buffy to go weak in the knees before raising her head and pulling her in for another searing kiss.

Only seconds before they both surely would have died from lack of breath, Faith pulled away, "You don't think I want you all the time?" she said, her voice a low, almost aggressive whisper that sent shivers down Buffy's spine, she kissed her hard and quick and bruising. "You don't think I want to do this every fucking time I see you?" As Faith palmed her tit, Buffy pushed herself into it, head spinning with lust.

Buffy's legs gave way altogether when Faith's other hand slid into her sweat pants, rubbing her pussy over her drenched panties, she went down to her knees and Faith followed her down, whispering in her ear, "Ready?"

Grabbing Faith's wrist to keep it still, Buffy pushed forward, her weight against the other slayer pitching Faith onto her back.

"I don't know what that rabbit is getting out of this..." Buffy let go of Faith's wrist to unbuckle the other slayers belt and fingers started rubbing her pussy again, she moved against them as she pulled on the zipper of Faith's jeans. "But I'm gonna buy him a great big carrot..."

Faith's fingers slipped inside her panties and the touch of them on her wet, swollen flesh made Buffy forget what she was saying.

She could do nothing for a minute except kneel astride the other Slayer, close to hyperventilating, until she regained enough focus to pull Faith's jeans down over her hips. As she was about to pull down her underwear too, she noticed they were Playboy's and laughter bubbled up to spill out of her and she fell forward, her face coming to rest on Faith's flat stomach.

"What, am I doing something funny?" Faith asked, her fingers jerked away from unevenly circling Buffy's clit.

"You have bunnies on your panties," Buffy giggled, "I'm sorry, it's not that funny, I just...with everything going on...I think I'm losing my mind a little."

"Maybe it's a conspiracy, all these bunnies conspiring together to make you want to fuck me...looking at my panties does make you want to fuck me, right?"

"Faith, looking at Dawn's math homework makes me want to fuck you," Buffy admitted, tracing one of the bunnies low on the panties, making Faith squirm her hips around.

"Good, shall we then?" Faith wiggled her eyebrows playfully, but there was a hint of desperation creeping into her voice now.

Buffy nodded, her smile as big and as genuine as it could get.

After that the mood took a much more serious turn and the urge to giggle left Buffy completely. Faith's hands sunk into her hair, pulling her face down for a kiss so hot her toes curled. As their tongues rubbed languidly over one another's she slid down until she was lying on top of the beautiful slayer. Not breaking the kiss, Faith wriggled her jeans as far down as her boots and Buffy pushed the bunny panties after them. Satisfied with that team effort, they tried another and soon Buffy's sweatpants and ordinary plain white panties had been kicked off along with her sneakers.

Finally they were both naked, well almost; naked in all the right places anyway.

Buffy gasped as a hand slid between her thighs again. It had been so long since she had felt Faith's touch like this outside of her dreams. The dreams of late had blown her away, but as she realized now, they were no way as good as the real thing. Lifting herself to her knees, she shuffled forward a little to make it easier for Faith to reach her throbbing clit while they still kissed. It only took a minute of firm fingers rubbing over Buffy's swollen little nub before she needed to suck in more air than she could manage with her lips on Faith's and she lifted her head, glazed, half closed eyes staring at the waterfalls cascading down the far wall as she felt her arousal seep out to coat her pussy lips and Faith's hand.

Faith moved below her, their skin sliding together causing sparks that pinballed around her body, until Faith's lips closing around her right nipple gave the sparkage a place to earth themselves. Just as Buffy's pleasure began to peak, Faith switched nipples starting the pleasure ride all over again.

As her hips began moving in time, trying to get more pressure on her clit, the rubbing went away and a couple of fingers slid all the way into her slick pussy, she pulled them almost out again before pushing them back in, this time adding a third.

Buffy let out a long, loud moan that was half Faith's name and half just a moan, her eyes squeezed tight shut as she felt her insides start to quiver.

Faith stopped sucking her tits for just long enough to ask, "This okay?"

"Yeah, don't stop," Buffy panted, sweat sheening her body as in reply Faith worked her fingers harder and faster. Soon Buffy couldn't tell who was technically fucking who as she slammed her hips down, pushing those fingers further up into her tight hole again and again.

She seemed to teeter on the edge of bliss for several long minutes before Faith biting roughly at her nipple as she pressed a thumb against her clit, finally sent her over into a mind-blowing couple of seconds of climax.

She had no breath to even speak, but Faith wasn't giving her time to recover as she rolled them over so she was on top and licked her way up Buffy's body to kiss her again. As Faith's tongue licked at her own tongue, enticing it to dance with her, Buffy decided recovering could wait to later; hopefully a lot later.

Massaging Faith's tits and gently tweaking her hard nipples, she let herself melt under Faith's soft mouth. Faith moved against her, grinding her pussy into Buffy's pelvic mound and Buffy was happy to see that Faith was at least as wet as she was. Streaks of Faith-juice wet her already damp skin and she wiggled her hand between them to feel it on her fingertips.

Faith began grinding against Buffy's hand now, keeping it trapped between them. Buffy wanted to move it down, to enter Faith and do to the other Slayer exactly what she had done to her, but she wasn't given the chance.

As the kiss became more shambolic, with their lips mostly just resting together as Faith's breaths came faster and harder Buffy curled her hand into a semi-fist that Faith could grind into.

With a loud groan into Buffy's mouth, Faith shuddered above her and suddenly her hand was soaked with sticky warmth.

"I was hoping to..." Buffy began as Faith flopped her head down on her shoulder. The back of her thumb was pressed hard along Faith's clit and she wiggled it slightly now. "...participate a little more." she finished teasingly.

"Sorry, I guess I was a little worked up," Faith squirmed against her thumb.

"Don't apologize - it was hot!" Buffy assured her, smiling against Faith's hair. "I just feel a bit cheated, like I bought the hotdog and it ate itself."

Faith's laughter was muffled by Buffy's collarbone. "Man, you're making me hungry."

She bit gently at the collarbone and then trailed her lips in wet kisses along to the dip below Buffy's throat, using the flat of her tongue she slowly traced upwards to the racing pulse just below Buffy's ear, her tongue felt almost cool lapping against the burning skin. Buffy purred with pleasure.

Faith shifted to her hands and knees over her, smiling down. Buffy was about to protest the loss of Faith's body on her own, when a deep kiss stole her words and her breath. Lifting her head off of the floor to better press her lips to Faith's, Buffy weaved one hand loosely into her thick dark hair, the other which had been caught between their bodies she raised up to Faith's tit, her fingers, still wet with Faith's cum, circling the darker skin around her nipple.

This was heaven, maybe not in the traditional sense - the place where you were warm and safe and loved - but the other heaven, the one where you were hot, and horny and Faith's tongue was in your mouth.

Buffy didn't know what she had done to deserve this, or what the consequences were going to turn out to be - because there always were consequences, the good always came with a generous helping of the bad, but right now, yeah, heaven was a place on earth.

And then heaven was ripped away from her.

Buffy's tongue was still poking out of her mouth mid-kiss as her eyes popped open and she saw Faith sat up next to her, pulling at her jeans. She let her eyes fall closed again, not wanting to see the look of discomfort that was sure to be showing on Faith's face. It was over, Faith had cum and obviously with that she'd regained her senses. She was going to get up and pretend like nothing had happened, or worse somehow pin the blame on Buffy and then she was going to satisfy her hunger by eating more Easter Eggs.

"So you think there's a search party out for us yet?" Faith asked, still sounding out of breath.

Buffy hadn't even thought about it. It was possible though. Faith might not be missed for the whole day if everyone thought she was still in Cleveland, but they would have expected Buffy back not long after the sun had come up, which must have been hours ago by now.

"There might be." Eyes still closed, Buffy wiped some hair from her face with damp fingers and Faith's strong scent assailed her. Not even thinking about it, she brushed her thumb over her lips and her tongue darted out for a quick taste.

As she realized what she was doing, she felt a little shocked at herself and she hoped Faith hadn't been watching her. Too late to worry now though. Licking her lips again, she tried to decide what she thought of the slightly saline taste.

"You like that?" Faith's soft, husky voice popped Buffy's guilty eyes open.

"I...ah..." The guilt disappeared as she realized Faith was pulling her socks off. She'd already removed her boots and jeans. Buffy's smile came back and she rolled to her side, leaning up on one elbow to watch.

"Doubt they'll find us anyway until Thumper decides he wants us to be found." Faith wiggled her bare toes at Buffy.

Buffy batted the toes out of her face, chuckling, and Faith scooted back to her, kissing her quickly on the lips. "You're probably right, but if they find the big holes in the ground we fell through, they might decide to investigate. I don't like the idea of them wandering around down here."

They lay down together on their sides, hands stroking over breasts, backs and butts.

"It's okay, we'll hear them coming long before they see us, B." Faith promised, lifting Buffy's leg and placing it over her hip.

"That's not what I meant," she grinned. Faith's fingers slipped around to her ass and she shuddered hard against the younger slayer as they brushed lightly over her other hole. "Whoa."

Faith smiled at her reaction and leaned in to kiss her again, Buffy's eyes slipped closed and for a long time Buffy just enjoyed being kissed. Her arousal level was getting to the top of the meter again, but for right now it didn't seem to be about getting each other off, it was just about kissing.

When Faith pulled away this time, she was still smiling, "So you were saying something about wanting to eat the hotdog..." Faith pulled a face, adding, "That's not really the best metaphor for what I had in mind."

"Why what did you have in mind?" Buffy asked, not getting it straight away.

Faith arched her eyebrows like she didn't believe Buffy had to ask, and then ran a hand up to gently spread Buffy's lower lips apart and stuck her tongue out, wiggling it a few times to drive the point home.

"Huh..?" Buffy was still confused for a split-second longer and then it dawned on her exactly what Faith had in mind. "Ohhhh!"

"So?" Faith kissed Buffy's neck in a way that made the blonde's eyes want to roll back in her head and then just keep on rolling around and around and around.

"I..." It wasn't the delicious things Faith's lips were doing to her neck that made her hesitate, although it probably didn't help.

Faith stopped what she was doing so she could look at Buffy, "B?"

"You want me to...go down on you?" Buffy asked, voice shaky with adrenaline.

"Actually I was thinking more of a meal for two. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I was just checking we're on the same wavelength," Buffy told her chirpily, her heart pounding.

"You and Toni have got that far, right?" Faith checked. "I mean, you've been sleeping together for a month now, there can't be a lot left you haven't tried, right?" She chuckled, but it sounded like nervous laughter.

Buffy bit her lip. "It's more complicated without the penis," she suddenly blurted out, frustrated. "All the bases are mixed up."

Faith was obviously trying to hide the big smile on her face, but she making a poor job of it.

"I mean it," Buffy pouted. "It's easy with a guy - there's an order to these things, with Toni I never know if we're actually doing it or just fooling around."

"Does it matter?" Faith asked.

It didn't, not really, Buffy supposed, but it was disorientating for her and that led her to being shy to try new things with Toni.

"Let's just say if it was a hotdog you had down there, we wouldn't be wasting time talking - although you having an actual hotdog, with onions and mustard and everything, between your legs would be really weird all on its own and would probably make me take a step back to ask a few questions, but..."

Faith shut up her babbling with a soft kiss, "I get what you mean, babe."

"It's not like we haven't almost." Buffy remembered a recent night out clubbing, they hadn't made it back to Toni's until five in the morning, but they'd been drunk and horny and as they fell onto the bed, sleep had been the last thing on their minds. "But just when Toni was right there, her dad phoned from Italy; he never cares about the time difference." she huffed, and then felt bad for talking about Toni, even though Faith had started it.

"S'okay, you guys'll get there eventually. Meanwhile I'm sure you can find some other way to rock my world." Faith, grinning, leaned in to bite her gently on the tip of the nose. "While you do that..." her hand started moving between Buffy's legs again.

Buffy curled her leg around Faith's hip as she enjoyed what the other slayer's fingers were doing and she came to a decision. "No."

Faith's hand stopped moving and she looked disappointed.

"No, not that," Buffy held Faith's hand against her centre, encouraging her to continue. "I meant no: I don't want to come up with some other way, I want to do it... the way you said."

"Really?" Faith's eyes lit up for a second, but then she checked it. "Are you sure? I don't want this to be just about rising to a challenge and then you regretting it later."

"You don't think we'll be regretting all of this later?" Buffy asked. Even though she knew she would want to be in this situation perverted Easter bunny or no perverted Easter bunny, she was still going to be feeling pretty guilty about it the next time she saw her girlfriend.

"Maybe, a little," Faith admitted as she pushed two fingers into Buffy; the blonde gasped lightly at the sensation and Faith waited a second before she started pumping them gently in and out. "But I'm not gonna let it bother me 'cause it's not like we seem to have any choice in the matter. There are supernatural forces at work here. Besides, we both knew this was going to happen eventually."

The gentle pace with which Faith was fingering her was exquisite, making Buffy's breath hitch as she answered. "We did?"

"Yeah. All that tension was gonna come out somehow. Time to face facts, B; we make each other hot."

"Yeah, I'd already...figured."

"And we never worked it out of our systems, which I should have realized was wicked insane. There's nothing like good old UST to keep you coming back for more, right B?" Faith started to curl her fingers inside Buffy.

"Guess...not." Buffy's hips jumped a few times in response and she had to let go of Faith's shoulders with one hand to wipe hair away from her eyes so she could see the stunning brunette better. Her breath coming in short bursts, she asked, "How come... you can"

"I'm not the one about to cum." Faith winked, before she curled her fingers again and pressed the tips tightly into Buffy's G-spot.

Or at least, Buffy assumed that was what Faith had found as it made her cry out a jumble of mixed up words that were loud enough to echo around the cavern and back to them.

It became an almost inaudible litany of, "Ohgod-ohgod-ohgod." as she panted hard, trying to get some air into her spazzed out lungs. Her body had stopped its uncontrollable bucking, but there were still stars whooshing around inside her head. She quieted, her breathing still irregular and her eyes lightly closed as she enjoyed the aftermath. Her head was resting on her own sweatpants which were stupidly comfortable as a pillow. Her hands that had been gripping Faith's shoulders hard enough she wouldn't have been surprised to leave dents in the bone, rubbed them softly now and cupped behind the smooth column of her neck.

Faith's fingers slid out of her and Buffy muttered another "Oh god."

"You okay?" Faith asked, sounding mildly amused.

"Oh yeah," Buffy drawled, still with her eyes closed.

"Are you wiped?"

"No, no, just basking in the happy," she chuckled.

Presently Buffy, plenty basked, opened her eyes to look into Faith's gorgeous chocolate ones just inches away. "Hey."

"Hey yourself," Faith smiled at her.

"So, meal for two?" Buffy began as brightly as she could within the confines of her nervousness. "Haven't heard that one before but I can only guess I should be laying the other way, am I right?" she asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Faith laughed, "Yeah something like that, but really B you should wait and..."

"I don't want to wait, okay? And when we get out of here and go back to our lives, I want this memory." She held her breath, scared that she had been just a little too honest there.

Faith lay there, twirling some of Buffy's messy blonde hair around her finger, looking serious. After a beat she relaxed and smiled, "Sure be a hell of a memory."

Buffy nodded enthusiastically and got to her knees, to swap ends as it were. "I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you've done this before."

"Hey just what are you calling me there!" Faith, pretending to be angry, gave her ass a smart slap.

"Nothing I haven't called you before," Buffy grinned, not acknowledging the spank had affected her at all. "As I was saying, you're little Miss I'm-so-experienced and they say those that can do, teach, or something."

"You want me to shout instructions from this end," Faith laughed.

"Well that might kill the mood a little."

Faith sat up next to her. "Okay I think you're hanging onto your virgin petticoats a little too tightly to be real here, but get ready for sixty-nining 101."

Buffy yelped in surprise as Faith pushed her back down to the rock, laid back down herself as if they were topping and tailing and, with no more decoration, buried her face in Buffy's snatch.

"Oh sweet jeez..." Buffy nearly lost it with the first stroke of Faith's tongue over her still sensitive clit.

"Just copy me 'til you find your own style," came muffled from between Buffy's legs.

She said "Ungh!", because she couldn't form the word 'okay' and then, praying she'd be a natural at this as Faith seemed to be, she dived in...

A couple of incomparable minutes later, it seemed to be going okay and with every touch of Faith's tongue, Buffy lost a little more of her ability to focus on anything but the puffy pink bud she was circling with the tip of her own tongue.

It wasn't actually that hard to find her own style, it was just a matter of remembering all the times (which actually hadn't been that many) that Riley or Spike had gone down on her and then trying them all out on Faith until she worked out which Faith liked best. A part of her wished that Faith didn't now have her tongue poking into her, so that she could concentrate better, but most of her wished this would never ever end and they'd just be stuck like this in an endless tableau of licking each other to ecstasy.

Which, Buffy was proud to realize, Faith was going to reach first. As the other slayer's happy moans grew louder and her labors became more erratic because she was concentrating on what Buffy was doing to her instead, Buffy pressed the advantage. She rolled Faith over so that she was on top, mindful of not suffocating Faith in the process and spread her thighs as a far as she could so that she could really go to town on Faith's clit.

For several seconds Faith's hot breath hit Buffy's extremely responsive quim, and that was almost enough to make her cum, but then it went away and was replaced by a finger rubbing her clit. Buffy groaned at the more direct contact and sucked Faith's clit between her lips. Sucking on the hard little nub she made sure she kept stroking it with the tip of her tongue too.

Faith's hips came clean off the rocky floor as she pressed into Buffy's face as hard as she could, Buffy's nose nudged against her wide open cunt and it was all over.

Well at least for Faith for a few minutes as she lay there flat out and breathing hard.

Buffy took a few more long licks of Faith's slit, deciding she really did like the tacky moisture that coated her tongue, way more palatable that what guys spurted. Faith quivered below her with every lick and Buffy smiled like the cat that got the cream; which she had.

Feeling closer to Faith than she ever had, Buffy twisted around until they were lying face to face again. "That was fun."

Faith opened her eyes to look at her, still panting from the force of her climax. "You didn't cum."

"I'm good." Buffy promised.

"Yeah but it's..." Faith began.

"Fine, give me your finger."

Faith held a hand up in front of them and Buffy took it, bent all the fingers down until only the middle one was left standing up and then slowly slipped it into her mouth. Faith's eyes widened in aroused surprise at the unexpected move which just spurred Buffy on. Sucking her own juices off of Faith's finger, she slipped her own hand between her legs and pressed her clit in circular motion, making sure that Faith could see what she was doing.

And Faith was definitely looking, her eyes almost bulging out comically.

As the look in Faith's eyes sent Buffy into her third orgasm, she trembled against her and finally fell onto the brunette, grunting in pleasure.

"Happy now?" she asked a minute or two later.

Faith's response was to pull her in for a long, leisurely kiss. "Yeah."

"Good, 'cause now I'm wiped." Buffy admitted with a giggle. "No more sex for Buffy for at least...ten minutes."

Faith chuckled, "Okay that gives me ten minutes to talk you into letting me put my finger in you're a..." Buffy gave her a look that shut her up, grinning.

"That's gonna take a lot more than ten minutes." Faith's grin was contagious.

"How long?"

"As long as it takes to find some KY jelly." She had to admit, at least to herself, that there wasn't that much that shocked her anymore - not after Spike.

Faith's dirty laugh caused ripples of glee to flow through Buffy and when the brunette pulled her down for another happy, sloppy kiss, she could barely contain it any more. As she kissed the side of Faith's neck, simply to enjoy the softness, she murmured, "Love you," against her skin.

Faith's strong hands swept up and down her back tenderly. "I love you too, Buffy."

Buffy froze.

Faith froze.

Cautiously, Buffy lifted her head to look at Faith. "What?"

"No, I didn't mean it like...when I said..." Faith cringed beneath her, settling on, "It's the rabbit talking."

Tears welled in Buffy's eyes, although she didn't know why. She knew it was the rabbit all along, didn't she? She was stupid to get so involved, she was stupid to do anything at all, but she should have at least kept it all in perspective.

"Yeah," she replied absently, running a hand through her hair as she sat up.

"Fuck, no Buffy..." Faith grabbed her upper arms, stopping her from going too far.

Looking down hopefully, Buffy saw nothing but distress in her dark eyes.

"I...ah shit," Faith closed her eyes, releasing Buffy's arms at the same time. "I'm sorry."

"No don't worry, I understand - you don't need it, you don't want it. Hey look on the bright side; at least you filled your cum-quota for the next couple of days." Buffy kept her disappointment to herself and moved away from Faith, surreptitiously wiping at the tears in her eyes as Faith looked anywhere but at her.

She started to pull on her clothes, suddenly feeling way to be vulnerable naked. She had to pull her tank top out from underneath Faith's back and with the movement Faith sat up herself.

They avoided eye contact.

Once dressed, and while Faith was just starting to sort her own clothes out, Buffy stood up and looked around the cavern once more. Something felt different.

"Hey Faith, were those steps over there earlier?" she asked, noticing the steps cut straight into the stone that lead upwards in a far corner of the Easter cavern. The steps were laden with the highly decorated eggs which looked to be shining in what could only be weak sunlight.

"I don't know," Faith said in a small voice as she looked over at them. "I don't remember looking for a way out."

Buffy couldn't remember looking either. She'd been too caught up in the poetic eggs and the lusty thoughts.

"Come on." Buffy headed for them. Should she grab some of the eggs as evidence? Did she want any evidence to what had transpired in this cave? In the end she took just one from a dais she passed on the way to the steps, it might come in useful, and if not she was hungry after all the shagging.

By the time she'd reached the bottom of the steps and was looking up at what might have been distant sunlight, Faith had dressed herself and was joining her.

"How long do you think we've been down here?" she asked, her voice still quiet like she was worried saying the wrong thing was going to bring the wrath of Buffy down on her head. She might have been right.

They started walking upwards, with Faith a step behind Buffy.

"I don't know, but it must be nearly lunchtime," Buffy surmised, taking the way her tummy felt into consideration.

"Shit," Faith muttered. A little louder she said, "B, I know this is fucked up, but are we okay?"

Buffy couldn't answer because of the lump in her throat.

"Okay, stupid question, but I don't want to get on a plane tonight with you angry at me." Faith sounded close to tears herself.

Buffy swallowed. "No, we're okay," she lied.

"Good." There was relief in Faith's voice, although it sounded fake.

They walked the rest of the way up in silence.

It felt like they were walking up the steps for hours, but eventually strong sunlight was bathing them, making Buffy blink against the bright rays, and she took in a deep, cleansing breath of fresh air.

The last step was onto green grass and Buffy stood there for a minute letting herself get acclimatised to being outside again. She didn't have a clue whereabouts they had surfaced, but there was a ring of tall standing stones surrounding them. Obviously she hadn't learned the area as well as she thought she had over the past six months.

It was hot out here in the sun and Buffy took of her hoody, tying it around her waist so she wouldn't have to carry it. Faith kept her leather jacket on.

Without knowing which direction to go in, all she could see outside the standing stones was miles of wild moor land in every direction, Buffy picked one at random and Faith followed her without a word.

As they walked between two of the tall stones, Buffy felt something pulling at her, like a magnetic force, she looked at Faith who judging by her expression could feel it too.

"What do you suppose..." Buffy began, still walking, but before she could finish they cleared the perimeter of the stones and everything changed.

All of a sudden picnic blankets of every color and pattern were spread over the ground in front of them and dozens, if not more, people were sitting around them eating and gossiping.

"What the..."

"Buffy!" Dawn's voice rang through the crowd to her ears.

"...Hell?" Buffy finished. She spotted both Toni and Troy sitting in the sunshine with her friends as she turned to look at Faith.

"Shit," Faith muttered, seeing them too.

They looked behind them, the circle of stones was gone.

"Yeah," Buffy agreed.

Chapter Five

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